Donation Facts

How are donations used?

  • Over $40 million contributed to neuroscience research since inception
  • $12.5 million awarded through our annual Seed Grant Program
  • Every $1 donated leads to approximately $25 of additional funding from other sources
  • “Don’t Laugh at Me” Program taught anti-bullying and conflict resolution measures in 20 schools in the Chicago Public School system
  • 17th Annual Neuroscience Day promoted interaction and collaboration of neuroscientists through a combination of scientific poster presentations and lectures


BRF Seed Grant success stories:

  • Improvement of neural prosthetic technologies to develop a brain-machine for paralyzed patients
  • Development of a sensor to measure pressure and blood flow in the brain to aid in diagnosis and recovery from brain injuries such as stroke
  • New pre-surgical approach for epilepsy patients that may replace current painful surgical procedures
  • Improved treatment strategy to manipulate immune system to target cancer cells and destroy brain tumors

A majority of our donations come from individuals. Both small and large gifts have a profound influence on scientific discovery. Please help us continue to support groundbreaking neuroscience.  


*Brain Research Foundation is a 501c-3 organization. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any donation/investment decisions.

BRF also provides numerous planned giving opportunities. If you are interested in discussing areas of planned giving including bequests, donations of life insurance, donations of retirement funds, or creating a charitable remainder trust, please contact Brain Research Foundation at (312) 759-5150.