Individual donors to the Brain Research Foundation (Fiscal Year 2015)

Brain Research Foundation would like to gratefully acknowledge the donations, large and small, that make our work possible. The following individuals have supported our researchers as they pursue a greater understanding of the human brain. These are the list of donors who have donated during our 2015 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015).

A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. 
Ada Dolph 
Alison Brown 
Alyssa Friedberg 
Anne-Marie Weaver 
Beatrice G. Crain and Dr. Michael S. Maling 
Becky Nuger 
Beth and Bruce White 
Betty Coolidge 
Brad and Mary Smart 
Christina Jamieson 
Christine and John Bakalar 
Denise and Matthew Gibson 
Diane and Joel Jastromb 
Dorin Abrisz 
Dr. Abraham Steinberg 
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Hoffman 
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Mastrianni 
Dr. and Mrs. Javad Hekmatpanah 
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Socher 
Dr. and Mrs. Murray J. Favus 
Dr. and Mrs. Tadanori Tomita 
Dr. Arthur J. Lasin 
Dr. Bennett Leventhal and Dr. Young Shin Kim 
Dr. Cheryl Irmiter 
Dr. Dane Chetkovich 
Dr. Elizabeth Kelly 
Dr. James Truchard 
Dr. Kambiz Dowlatshahi 
Dr. Laura Mannion 
Dr. Sangram S. Sisodia 
Dr. Terre A. Constantine 
Ellen and Melvin Gordon 
Erin Jameson 
Fairchild Foundation 
Father Thomas Hurley 
Fay and Daniel Levin 
Gregory Kellogg 
Helen Picanso 
Hill and Cheryl Hammock 
Ilene Gordon and Abram I. Bluestein 
Jackie Brittingham 
James Callaghan 
Janet and Craig Duchossois 
Jeff and Vicki Lumiere Feder 
Jeffrey Mills 
Jill and Richard Chaifetz 
Jim and Karen Frank 
Joe and Sharon Hayes 
Joseph and June Morgan 
Julie Ahlfeld 
Julie and Bob Stracks 
Kathryn and Bruce Johnson 
Keith Medansky 
Kim Stoneburner 
Lee Dresang and Kari Bloedel 
Leticia Van de Putte 
Lindsay Johnson 
Lois M. and Harrison I. Steans 
Mandira Hedge 
Marcia Cohn 
Marion and Burt Fainman 
Maureen and Bill Barton 
Melinda Ellis 
Michael Belsky 
Michael Cotton 
Mike and Ron Johnson 
Mr. Alan Adams 
Mr. Alan Lev 
Mr. Alan Salpeter and Ms. Shelley Gorson 
Mr. Alejandro Silva 
Mr. and Dr. Theodore F. Perlman 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Edelson 
Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Muchin 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Eliot 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. McKenna 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schaeffer 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldner 
Mr. and Mrs. Avy Stein 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Schultz 
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Leviton 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Murphy 
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Starshak 
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Godek 
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Keywell 
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Tips 
Mr. and Mrs. Bret Bonnstetter 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Blalock 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Fields 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Vereb 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Welsh 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dunn 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Taylor 
Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Hyink 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brock 
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Feurer 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Galvin 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher I. Engelman 
Mr. and Mrs. Clark R. Mandigo 
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Glicken 
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus F. Freidheim, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. D. Alex Falconer 
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Casey 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Coughlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Christensen 
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Weislogel 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Fishburn 
Mr. and Mrs. David Simon 
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Nelms 
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Ruttenberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Delton Brun 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Keller 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fetzko 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Crampton 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Cameron 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Mabie 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Jannotta, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haffner 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. James 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Read, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis S. Levine 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Goldstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest MacVicar 
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin M. Weiss 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Philbin 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClelland 
Mr. and Mrs. Gareth A. Dehner 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Dorn 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Summers 
Mr. and Mrs. George Benson 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Shannon 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Blatz 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Segal 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon T. Beckley 
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Korbe 
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hutchins 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Crumrine 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Struthers, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Jordan 
Mr. and Mrs. Hill Ewald 
Mr. and Mrs. Igor Kukin 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Staley 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Campbell 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Taich 
Mr. and Mrs. James Fouts 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser 
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bay, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carras 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mabie 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Schecter 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Behling 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Herr 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Aronin 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gilman 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Markham 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold L. Eberhardt 
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Abrams 
Mr. and Mrs. John Abraham 
Mr. and Mrs. John Bucksbaum 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Colman 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi 
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph King 
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Nelson 
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Spengler 
Mr. and Mrs. John Miner, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Mostofi 
Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Teare 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Lillard 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Nicholson 
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Blunt 
Mr. and Mrs. John V.N. McClure 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barr 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rowe 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Seidel 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. De La Van 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Scott 
Mr. and Mrs. Kent T. Taubensee 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Denning 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stephens 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry V. Hedges 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Aaron 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Levy 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence I. Field 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reilly 
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Pelfrey 
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Lockhart 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Mervis 
Mr. and Mrs. Luke I. Vanmeter 
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Posner 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Thompson 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Del Monaco 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kaseforth 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lohss 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schaefer 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stein 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephan 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Slark 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. McGivney 
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Gray 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gelick 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Havey 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kules 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Keiser 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sher 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tepper 
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Healy 
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sato 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Haynes, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Dumstorff 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rashid 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul VanTol 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Eschenbach 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Carney 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Henderson 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Friedmann 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Fast 
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Garvert 
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph C. Barba 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gray 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jernstedt 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lariviere 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Bechtel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Crumrine 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Deisinger 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunn Glick 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seebeck 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Falconer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flannery 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Lorch 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knight 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kubic 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Linn 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steinbruegge 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Carlson 
Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Evans 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Grais 
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan A. Cordier 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Dwayne Srocki 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Warren Farrell, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Sam T. Mauro 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Scott, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Grodzin 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Canel 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Goldstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stiffle 
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kaderbek 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lerner 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Wolfe 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sokalski 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Bines 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven DeGraff 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Edelson 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven King 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Stanbrook 
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart N. Emanuel 
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell J. Isselhard 
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Diamond 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Case 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Heagy 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Caldwell 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hofstetter 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Harig 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Hansen 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. O’Hea 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shaw 
Mr. and Mrs. Vance A. Johnson 
Mr. and Mrs. Voytek M. Rzankowski 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Garrett Dering 
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Farrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Portner 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hayford 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur H. Gantz 
Mr. and Mrs. Willard C. McNitt, III 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Osborn 
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Foote 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Belski 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gofen 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lawlor, III 
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Blodgett 
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Gray, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Yale Sage 
Mr. Andrew Krikelas 
Mr. Anton R. Valukas 
Mr. Ari J. Topper 
Mr. Arthur Gutterman 
Mr. Barry Chatz 
Mr. Brendan King 
Mr. Brian Cunningham 
Mr. Brian Lignelli 
Mr. Bryan Blankley 
Mr. C. Brant Ahrens 
Mr. Carl A Davis, III 
Mr. Chandra Sekhar 
Mr. Charles Cherney 
Mr. Charles W. Matthews 
Mr. Christopher VanTol 
Mr. Christopher VanTol 
Mr. Colin Brodie 
Mr. Craig A. Hoek 
Mr. Dale Kluga 
Mr. Daniel Foley 
Mr. Daniel Maguire 
Mr. Daniel P. Shapiro 
Mr. Daniel Vaughn 
Mr. Daniel Winters 
Mr. David Eskenazi 
Mr. David G. Herro and Mr. Jay Franke 
Mr. David Hughes 
Mr. David Morrison 
Mr. David P. Storch 
Mr. David Tessler 
Mr. Earl B. Abramson 
Mr. Ellis M. Goodman 
Mr. Garo Kholamian 
Mr. Gary Fencik 
Mr. Gary Fisher 
Mr. Gene Brixey 
Mr. Gene Ha 
Mr. George A. Irvine 
Mr. George Miller 
Mr. George Sanders 
Mr. Glenn A. Keats 
Mr. Gregory Berkowitz 
Mr. Howard B. Bernick 
Mr. Iain Whitaker 
Mr. Jack Kiefer 
Mr. Jacob Strom 
Mr. James A. Karagianis 
Mr. James A. Star 
Mr. James Knapp 
Mr. James L. Alexander 
Mr. James L. Garard, Jr. 
Mr. James R. Justic 
Mr. James Rosenbloom 
Mr. Jamie Smith 
Mr. Jason Kroll 
Mr. Jason O’Beirne 
Mr. Jeff Grinspoon and Mr. Jon Foley 
Mr. Jeffrey Brand 
Mr. Jeffrey McVehil 
Mr. Jeffry Pfeffer 
Mr. Jennings Morrow 
Mr. Jim Hanson 
Mr. Jim Kroll 
Mr. Jim Prendergast 
Mr. Joe Guerra 
Mr. Joe Wicklander 
Mr. Joel Mangers 
Mr. John A. Miller 
Mr. John C. Buddig 
Mr. John E. Maskel and Ms. Beverly A. Matre 
Mr. John Neidlinger 
Mr. John P. Justic 
Mr. John S. Gates, Jr. 
Mr. John W. Loyd 
Mr. Jonathan Cooper 
Mr. Jonathan Luwisch 
Mr. José Colón 
Mr. Jose Molina Ortega 
Mr. Joseph L. Flint 
Mr. Josh Balonick 
Mr. Joshua H. Siegel 
Mr. Kenneth Kufner 
Mr. Kenneth Kufner 
Mr. Kerry Peck 
Mr. Kevin Booth 
Mr. Konstantinos Armiros 
Mr. Kyle Glascott 
Mr. Larry Bell 
Mr. Larry J. Powers 
Mr. Larry Maxfield 
Mr. Larry Teter 
Mr. Lawrence O. Corry 
Mr. Leland E. Hutchinson 
Mr. Marc Barbeau 
Mr. Marc R. Wilkow 
Mr. Marcos Nogues 
Mr. Mark Kishtow 
Mr. Mark Levin 
Mr. Mark T. Brennan 
Mr. Martin Kerpel 
Mr. Matthew H. Johnson 
Mr. Matthew Luzadder 
Mr. Matthew Rich 
Mr. Matthew S. Rahn 
Mr. Matthew Walch 
Mr. Melvin L. Katten 
Mr. Melvin Smith 
Mr. Michael A. Kolodny 
Mr. Michael Loehrke 
Mr. Michael Traison 
Mr. Mitchell Cobey 
Mr. Monti Redman 
Mr. Myron M. Cherry 
Mr. Nathan Hansen 
Mr. Neil Berg 
Mr. Nicholas E. Tarant 
Mr. Nicholas Parrish 
Mr. Norris Eber 
Mr. Pat Frost 
Mr. Pete Maguire 
Mr. Peter Angelo 
Mr. Peter B. Bensinger 
Mr. Peter J. Birnbaum 
Mr. Philip Pappas 
Mr. Preston T. Johnson 
Mr. Quentin Poynter 
Mr. Rajer Shah 
Mr. Raymond F. McCaskey 
Mr. Ricardo Aranda 
Mr. Richard Elden 
Mr. Richard Redmond 
Mr. Robert F. Harris 
Mr. Robert H. Bell 
Mr. Robert J. Stucker, Vedder Price 
Mr. Robert Jay Friedman 
Mr. Robert L. Pickett 
Mr. Robert O. Delaney 
Mr. Robert Pauls 
Mr. Rocco Suspenzi 
Mr. Roger Horchschild 
Mr. Ronald Garvert 
Mr. Ronald Rohde 
Mr. Rudolph Tessler 
Mr. Russell Davis 
Mr. Samuel P. Chapman and Dr. Laura Berman 
Mr. Scott Jacobs 
Mr. Scott Mockler 
Mr. Sean Fifield 
Mr. Stephen Sloan 
Mr. Steven D. Fifield 
Mr. Steven Forbes 
Mr. Steven Tazic 
Mr. Thomas Baltz 
Mr. Thomas Meagher 
Mr. Thomas Wake 
Mr. Timothy Glascott 
Mr. Timothy Mikesell 
Mr. Tom D. Grusecki 
Mr. Walter H. Teninga 
Mr. Walter R. Stein, Jr. 
Mr. Warren Baker 
Mr. William B. Kaplan 
Mr. William E. Fay, Jr.* 
Mr. William J. Brodsky 
Mr. William Kirsch 
Mrs. Anne Williams 
Mrs. Ariadne P. Beck 
Mrs. Beverly Bloom 
Mrs. Beverly Joutras 
Mrs. Carol Kopriwa 
Mrs. Clarissa H. Chandler 
Mrs. Deborah Wagner 
Mrs. Diana J. Healy 
Mrs. Donald I. Roth 
Mrs. Donna Ruder 
Mrs. Edna H. Huggett 
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Uihlein 
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Twede 
Mrs. Florence F. Wheeler 
Mrs. Heather Higgins Alderman 
Mrs. Joan M. Cooper 
Mrs. Julia Rainer 
Mrs. Karen Mabie 
Mrs. Lisa Underwood 
Mrs. Lois H. Brennan 
Mrs. Marcia Rubin 
Mrs. Margaret Vandermel 
Mrs. Marjorie Corrington* 
Mrs. Marlene Gordon 
Mrs. Mary B. Galvin 
Mrs. Mary J. Beattie* 
Mrs. Mary P. Hines 
Mrs. Odette Van Singel 
Mrs. Patricia Kammerer 
Mrs. Roberta H. Rubin 
Mrs. Sandra Jaggi DiPasquale 
Mrs. Susan L. Zinser
Mrs. Suzanne Smart 
Mrs. Terri A. Reniva 
Ms. Alice Henry 
Ms. Alice Holt 
Ms. Allie Barnard 
Ms. Ami Bumia 
Ms. Amy Weintraub 
Ms. Andrea Hirst 
Ms. Angela Clark 
Ms. Anna Marks 
Ms. Anne Pauler 
Ms. Anne Tofalo 
Ms. Anu Suppiah 
Ms. Audra L. Berger 
Ms. Barbara Abrams 
Ms. Barbara Bloom Kreml 
Ms. Barbara J. Steele 
Ms. Barbara O’Connor 
Ms. Beth Ann Ellingson 
Ms. Beth Davis 
Ms. Brenda Hoek 
Ms. Brenda White 
Ms. Calista Wingert 
Ms. Caren Yanis 
Ms. Carlene C. Blunt 
Ms. Carol Lyle 
Ms. Caroline Waterlow 
Ms. Catherine H. Petros 
Ms. Catherine Wood 
Ms. Cecilia Sosa 
Ms. Celeste Flynn 
Ms. Celeste L. Lockhart 
Ms. Cheryl Nakfoor 
Ms. Cindy Curry 
Ms. Claire Bitautas 
Ms. Claudia Langman 
Ms. Cynthia Holder 
Ms. Cynthia J. Macfarland 
Ms. Dawn Lynch 
Ms. Deb Mecom 
Ms. Deborah A. Bricker 
Ms. Deborah Schneider 
Ms. Dee Porter 
Ms. Deena Zimmerman 
Ms. Denise Elliott 
Ms. Denise Kavanagh 
Ms. Doris Haindel 
Ms. Dorothy Huenecke 
Ms. Edith Eason 
Ms. Elaine Fransen 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Wolcott 
Ms. Elke Hester 
Ms. Ellen G. Van Wart 
Ms. Evan Kern 
Ms. Fay Hartog-Levin 
Ms. Frances Elsemore 
Ms. Gay Johnson 
Ms. Gee Gee Creager 
Ms. Genia Cayce 
Ms. Georgina Gustin 
Ms. Heather Ernst 
Ms. Helena C. Morvant 
Ms. Herma Uhran 
Ms. Jane Domurot 
Ms. Jeannette Levitt 
Ms. Jeannette Levitt 
Ms. Jennie Hoek 
Ms. Jennie I. Hoek 
Ms. Jennifer Burkit 
Ms. Jennifer Costa 
Ms. Jennifer Dersom 
Ms. Jenny Schmeissing 
Ms. Jill Gordon 
Ms. Jill Hare 
Ms. Joann M. Giovanni 
Ms. Jory Katlin 
Ms. Joyce Perkins 
Ms. Judy H. Hoover 
Ms. Julie Babyar 
Ms. Julie Hough 
Ms. Kallie Steffes and Mr. John Littzi 
Ms. Karen M. Peterson 
Ms. Karen P. Forman 
Ms. Katherine DiAngelo 
Ms. Katherine Stevenson 
Ms. Kathi Regas 
Ms. Kathleen K. Krehbiel 
Ms. Kathleen Whitehead 
Ms. Kathryn R. Mullins 
Ms. Kathryn Z. Lejeune 
Ms. Kathy Gammel 
Ms. Kathy Wing 
Ms. Kathyrn Azizi 
Ms. Katie Kiedyk 
Ms. Kelli Kluga 
Ms. Kristen Nesselrod 
Ms. Kristen Tsangaris 
Ms. Laura Osborn 
Ms. Laura Thrall 
Ms. Laurel Davis 
Ms. Lauren Hartung 
Ms. Laurie A. Dodich 
Ms. Laurie A. Dodich 
Ms. Leslie Colagrosso 
Ms. Lilllian Bandelow 
Ms. Lisa Clapper 
Ms. Lisa Fierman 
Ms. Lisbeth Stiffel 
Ms. Liza Castleberry 
Ms. Loni Sheperd 
Ms. Lori Kerrick 
Ms. Louise Smith 
Ms. Lynn Pivar 
Ms. Marcella Barganz and Mr. Tamas Glanz 
Ms. Maria Sullivan 
Ms. Marian Brady 
Ms. Marietta Probst 
Ms. Marilyn D. Carriere 
Ms. Marisa Vrona 
Ms. Mary Ann Beck 
Ms. Maureen Spencer 
Ms. Meghan Martiniere 
Ms. Melanie Hastings 
Ms. Michele J. Glicken 
Ms. Morgan Henington 
Ms. Nadine D. Tosk 
Ms. Nance P. Bernet 
Ms. Nancy Foster 
Ms. Nancy Kallusch 
Ms. Nancy Lindl 
Ms. Nell Minow 
Ms. Pamela Stamataky 
Ms. Patricia A. Murphy 
Ms. Patricia C. Stewart 
Ms. Patricia Murphy 
Ms. Patricia Sumner 
Ms. Paula Bachtell Medow 
Ms. Rachel Bronson 
Ms. Rita Robert 
Ms. Rosemary Kowalski 
Ms. Roz Roberts 
Ms. Samantha Grant 
Ms. Sana I. Ahmed 
Ms. Sandra Kite 
Ms. Sarah Bass 
Ms. Sarah Walker 
Ms. Shelley Alwin 
Ms. Sherri Clerico 
Ms. Sherri Kluga 
Ms. Sheryl Hodges 
Ms. Stephanie Hart 
Ms. Stephanie L. Trapani 
Ms. Susan Adams 
Ms. Susan D. Craft 
Ms. Susan Gilman 
Ms. Susan Ipsen 
Ms. Susan J. Moran and Mr. John McDonough 
Ms. Susie Stein 
Ms. Tana Hall 
Ms. Theresa Schwegel 
Ms. Tina M. Plechaty 
Ms. Valerie Talangbayan Gardner 
Ms. Veronica Hicks 
Ms. Vickie Holt 
Ms. Vikki DeLeon 
Ms. Virginia Watson 
Ms. Wendy J. Silverman 
Ms. Whitney L. Morgan 
Nancy Carson 
Nicholas Ambolino 
Noel and Michele Moore 
Noelle Christie 
Pat McGuire and Ray Wegner 
Patricia and Martin Koldyke 
Peter and Alicia Pond 
Peter Crowley 
R. E. King 
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Frank T. Mohr, Jr. 
Reverend Phyllis G. Beattie and Dr. Francisco G. Gutierrez 
Richard and Linda Price 
Rita and John Canning, Jr. 
Roberta and Harold S. Barron 
Rosie Bartolotta 
Rudy Rosen 
Sabrina and Antonio Gracias 
Steven and Susan Insoft 
Susan and Richard Lenny 
Suzanne M. Kopp-Moskow and Michael H. Moskow 
The Crown Family 
The Honorable Edward M. Burke and the Honorable Anne M. Burke 
The Kineo Group 
The McCartney Family