Remembering Fred, restoring hope

My Son’s Name Was Fred is both a touching memoir of the ill-fated life and death of Gwill Newman’s son and a rallying cry for hope and progress in the field of brain research.

When you purchase this book, you’re not just getting a memoir, you’re giving hope to people like Fred and his mother, Gwill. That’s because all the proceeds from this book go to the Brain Research Foundation.

My Sons Name Was Fred

My Son’s Name Was Fred

(paperback, 417 pages)



In Gwill’s own words: “This is not a gentle memoir. It is the truth—about the genetics, family, home, environment, education, travel, adventures, and traumas, including a devastating and mysterious fire, that all may have played a role in my son’s illness.

“This book recounts the manifestations of Fred’s schizophrenia, and talks about doctors, hospitals, mental institutions, and even Fred’s unfortunate death.

“The book also tells the story of a wonderful man—Fred’s stepfather—who became a true parent and advocate for my severely mentally ill son. A man who, as a foundation executive and former civil rights lawyer, fought to establish several vital new programs for the mentally ill—programs that included housing, advocacy, and research programs that are still being replicated.

“My book also speaks about women, particularly mothers, and the discredited psychiatric teaching that claimed the existence of a ‘schizophrenagenic mother’—a woman who was actually said to cause schizophrenia in her children.

“Finally, this is a book about the positive outcomes of brain research—and how knowledge affects all that we do—from practicing medicine, to educating our children, to our concepts of justice, good and evil, love and hate, and the differences between men and women, and everything in between.”

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