November 14, 2013 Foundation News

Brain Research Foundation Discovery Dinner Celebrates 60th Anniversary By Raising $1 Million With Help From Chicago Bear Gary Fencik

A dinner that celebrated 60 years of growth and dramatic scientific success received an assist from heralded retired Chicago Bear Gary Fencik. Guest speaker Fencik used his time at the podium to detail how many of his 1985 Super Bowl Bears teammates reveled in the sport but some now struggle with the physical and cognitive consequences. He concluded his remarks by joining a host of other supporters whose contributions pushed total proceeds for the event to just over $1 million.
“Our Board of Directors, Associate Board and co-chairs of this year’s dinner are to be commended for their amazing performance,” stated Terre A. Constantine, Ph.D. “The generosity of so many was represented by our distinguished recipients of the 2013 Frederic A. Gibbs award, Jeffrey S. Aronin, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Pharmaceuticals, and Discover Financial Services, accepted by David Nelms, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.”
The 2013 Brain Research Foundation Annual Gala was co-chaired by Suzanne Kopp-Moskow and Michael Moskow and Alicia and Peter Pond.
The Discovery Dinner is an annual major fundraiser for the Foundation and 100 percent of the proceeds go into scientific research on ALS, Alzheimer’s, autism and virtually every affliction of the brain.
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