April 19, 2013 Foundation News

Brain Research Foundation to Promote Healthier Brains Through Exercise And Concussion Prevention at Prairie State Cycling Series

Foundation targets slowing cognitive decline via exercise and making riders of all ages safer through proper helmet use 
Brain Research Foundation (BRF) and Prairie State Cycling Series announced that BRF will use the 2013 cycling series in the Chicago area to promote key educational initiatives around brain health. The series will be in eight locations or stages throughout the area over two weeks in July and is expected to draw substantial crowds of spectators and participants to the event.
“Sustaining a simple exercise regimen from young adulthood through our latter years is perhaps the most powerful tool we have to fend off brain diseases like Alzheimer’s that debilitate an aging population,” said Terre Constantine, Ph.D., Executive Director of BRF. “Biking is an activity that people of all ages can do so it is a natural fit for BRF to sponsor the series. We were very pleased to learn how passionate Prairie State Cycling Series leadership is about promoting these issues.”
In addition to its exercise education efforts BRF will promote proper helmet use among series attendees through demonstrations by BRF staff, offer proper helmet fitting, and provide information about the important research that BRF funds.
“These competitive men and women racing around the course in their helmets are terrific role models,” continued Constantine. “And yes, for those of us recreational riders, falls do happen while ‘just going to the corner or up the street’ in our neighborhoods, but concussions can be prevented and injuries minimized. With the help of Prairie State Cycling Series we will reinforce that message during the series.”
“BRF reached out to the Prairie State Cycling Series to find out how they could be involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle and keeping our kids safe and concussion-free, and we are proud to partner with them to bring their message to our bike race fans,” said Marco Colbert, Executive Director of Prairie State Cycling Series. “It’s a natural fit. Coaches teach helmet safety to football and baseball players every season, yet our children are riding their bikes, often unprotected, on concrete! We can help change that.”