April 16, 2014 Foundation News

FREE Science is Sexy Lecture

Puppy Love: The Science of the Dog-Human Bond

Thursday, May 29

Anti-Cruelty Society
169 West Grand Avenue

There is growing evidence that the human-animal bond positively influences human emotional and behavioral health, but not much is known about the biological mechanisms that underlie those benefits.  At the University of Chicago, Kristen Jacobsen, Ph.D. is at the forefront of this research to understand why dogs have such positive impacts on our health and happiness.   Dr. Jacobsen studies human-animal interaction (HAI), which is helping us better understand science behind the human bond to dogs and how it supports our neurobiological and psychological well-being. Through behavioral, genetic, and neurobiological studies, including functional MRI, Dr. Jacobsen is learning about how down time with man’s best friend affects our stress hormones, what parts of the brain cause us to bond to our pooches, and even why people and their dogs behave similarly over time. 

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of the many therapy dogs in attendance from Canine Therapy Corps.  These gentle, brilliant dogs motivate individuals recovering from physical and emotional trauma to overcome difficult circumstances including disabilities, injuries, or other challenges by providing goal-directed, interactive therapy as part of the treatment or rehabilitation process.  There’s just no way that you won’t head home happier and more relaxed after petting their sweet faces.


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