Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Sports Concussion Initiative

Brain Research Foundation (BRF) announced at its annual Gala Dinner that it will provide a $50,000 grant to fund an initiative designed to improve the Chicago Public Schools’ ability to respond to sports-related head injuries. 
“This educational grant supports efforts to reduce risks associated with sports-related head injuries by providing funding for clinics that will treat injured CPS student athletes,” stated BRF executive director Terre Constantine. “Alderman Ed Burke introduced an ordinance to protect CPS athletes after attending BRF’s expert panel on concussions in sports.” The City Ordinance was co-sponsored by Alderman Latasha Thomas and has spurred the Chicago Public Schools to increase coach and trainer education on detecting the signs and understanding the effects of concussions.
The grant will be awarded to Sports Legacy Institute which is working with CPS to conduct education seminars throughout the city and support clinics where student athletes who suffered a head injury can be assessed by a trained medical professional. A recent BRF study on the awareness of sports-related head injuries indicated that coaches, trainers and physicians who steward young athletes are not adequately educated about concussions.
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