Ali Lerner

Young Leadership Board Member

Ali Lerner works as a full-time real estate broker with @properties, specializing in the City and Chicago North Shore residential markets. She received her BS in Consumer Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and attended the University of Chicago for Masters certification in Digital Marketing & Social Media.

Ali has lost a handful of very special people in her life due to different brain disorders. Over 3 years ago, her father had a close brush with death leading to the discovery of a massive brain tumor (benign meningioma), believed to have been building for several years. Luckily, Ali’s dad survived an emergency craniotomy near his frontal lobe, but the side effects & difficult recovery are constant reminders of the need for more brain research.

Ali is thrilled to be part of the Young Leadership Board for the Brain Research Foundation and she’s determined to help make a difference in the advancement of neuroscience.

Ali currently resides in Deerfield, IL with her loving husband, daughter, son, 2 dogs and an amazing au pair. Ali LOVES being a mom and feels beyond blessed to have a family who supports her passions and active approach to many facets of life.