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The Impact of the Pandemic on Mental Health

Experts in mental health discuss how the pandemic has impacted children and adults.

The Future of Brain Research Starts Here

We work to fund the most inventive, high-impact research projects.

70 years of funding neuroscience.

The oldest charity supporting neuroscience research continues to accelerate the understanding of the brain for new treatments and cures.

Our Donation Model

Through your donations to Brain Research Foundation, we provide researchers with the start-up funds they need to conduct new research projects in the most critical areas of neuroscience.

For a future free of neurological disorders.

For a future free of neurological disorders.

Our vision is to improve lives through new treatments and cures for all neurological disorders. Until then, we’re funding the nation’s most innovative, promising research.

Power in Numbers

  • For every dollar BRF awards, our grantees have secured, on average, $25 in future funding from other grant programs to continue their research.

  • We have had the opportunity to support 675 scientists through our grant programs in their pursuit of furthering brain research since 1981.

  • BRF has provided more than $47 million toward neuroscience research.

Making a Difference

We support the most promising neuroscience research being conducted. With your help, we fund researchers so they can make great strides toward treatment and prevention.

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Aimee Kao, M.D., Ph.D.

BRF Accelerates a Lab and Career

Dr. Aimee Kao generates human cell lines to model neurodegenerative disorders The BRF Seed Grant was crucial in establishing us as a lab that is leading the work on neuroregeneration…

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Ravi Allada, M.D.

Sleep Disorders and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Ravi Allada, M.D., Professor of Neurobiology at Northwestern University, is interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms and their links to various clinical disorders, including insomnia, depression and even…

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Dr. Krishnan, Ph.D.

High Impact

“The BRF Scientific Innovations Award allowed us to do bold, transformative work for which there was no precedent. I am grateful that BRF takes risks on innovation.”