Stories of Impact

Your stories are what drive us to continue on our mission of accelerating brain research. From patients to donors to researchers, we come together to ensure a brighter, more informed future.

Stories That Matter

Read the stories of those affected across the broad spectrum of brain illness.

The Vandermel Family’s Story
By supporting the BRF Julia, Justine, and Kelly are able to honor their father’s memory and also honor other family members and friends affected by neurological disorders, including Kelly’s mother.
Matt Rahn’s Story
True innovation doesn’t come from thinking linearly, innovation comes from very smart, passionate people thinking creatively. I tell my friends, ad nausea, that the BRF is going after innovative ideas.
The Anderson Family’s Story
The opportunity to shed light on more than one brain disorder played a large part in our choosing the BRF. Everybody knows somebody who can benefit from future discoveries.
Andrew Swigart
My Passion for the Foundation
I am grateful for the BRF for the opportunity to help support the advancement of research that will one day prevent other families from experiencing the trauma that affected mine.
Finding Comfort in the Search for Cures
The fact that BRF doesn’t focus on just one disease and encourages collaboration and funding for everyone allows for more cross-disciplinary discussion, resulting in more discovery.
Cindy Macfarland
On Top of Stealing Memories, Dementia Takes a Person’s Dignity: Cindy Macfarland’s Story
I understand that the BRF was one of the first organizations to believe in the potential for neurological research. I know they’ve convinced me through their progress and determination.
BRF Chosen by Daniele Laub To Receive Half the Proceeds of Fundraising Concert
BRF brings together people passionate about finding treatments and eventual cures to brain diseases.

Reports & Financials

Our annual reports detail who we’ve funded and highlight our most recent developments, giving you insight into the types of projects we support.