Ben Usem

Young Leadership Board Member

Ben is proud to serve on the Brain Research Foundation Young Leadership Board. When Ben was 12 years old, his mom was diagnosed with a benign meningioma brain tumor, which she had surgery to remove. Unrelated, nearly five years ago, his mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, after a persistent essential tremor began to affect her everyday life. Ben’s interest in brain research stems from these experiences in his family life, and he is eager to fundraise for BRF so researchers are able to learn more about neurological diseases and disorders.

Ben found the Brain Research Foundation after graduating college and moving to Chicago, and he continues to stay involved with the BRF from New York City where he moved last year. Ben works as a CPA at PwC in M&A consulting. Ben attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for his undergrad and graduate degrees, and is originally from Minneapolis, MN.