Emily Golin

Young Leadership Board Member

 Emily Golin is a certified health & transformational life coach and founder of Live.Your.Best.Life – Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coaching. She specializes in helping women unlock their personal power, gain energy, and transform their bodies – without dieting, deprivation, or extreme exercise – so you can finally start waking up feeling strong and confident in your own skin. 

Emily graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Master in Accounting Science and a concentration in Information Technology and Control. She is a licensed CPA and has a professional background in mergers & acquisitions advisory services. She is originally from Highland Park, IL, and currently lives in Chicago.

Emily was proud to serve on the Young Leadership Board. When Emily was 8 years old, her aunt suffered a traumatic brain injury, leading to many questions about “how the brain works.” Currently, Emily is specifically interested in BRF’s initiative to explore how mental health and the nervous system are interrelated.