2022 Discovery Event

BRF’s 2022 Discovery Event with the Dr. Frederic A. Gibbs Community Service Awardee Martin Nesbitt and a panel discussion on restoring movement and touch to paralysis patients.

Brain Research Foundation was founded and merged as a non-profit organization in 1953 by three neurologists: Dr. Frederic A. Gibbs, Dr. Ladislas J. Meduna, and Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer. 

 Subsequently, under the leadership of dynamic businesspeople William E. Fay, Jr. and Clinton E. Frank, each with a daughter with a brain illness, BRF grew exponentially. A little more than ten years later, in 1964, BRF joined the University of Chicago to establish the Brain Research Institute, supporting neuroscientists and auspicious young researchers over the next 40 years in search of solutions to unlock the obscurities of the human brain.

Brain Research Foundation exists to expedite breakthroughs of the human brain by funding revolutionary neuroscience research.

With every donation received and every research grant awarded, we come closer to the clarity of how the brain functions through the ground-breaking research of the nation’s top scientists, leading to unique treatments and the restraint of all neurological diseases.

Today, BRF nourishes the projects of hundreds of researchers across the country with millions of dollars of funding each year, resulting in innovative research that ensures more advanced and sophisticated treatments for neurological disorders and prospective cures. As a result, we expedite discoveries by financing the nation’s most innovative study of the human brain. 

As the country’s oldest brain research organization, our approach is unique. We have seen the result that random heartfelt giving can have. As a result, our grants fund a vast expanse of projects that aid scientists in investigating and examining a wide range of neurological disorders.

We provide researchers with “seed money” to fund their most audacious ideas, helping them make breakthroughs at the most serious stage of science.

We thus appeal for your generous donations, used to fund the most high-impact and encouraging brain research.

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