Brain Research Foundation and the Dementia Society of America team up to support brain health research.

Kevin Jameson
The first grant funded by the Dementia Society of America could one day significantly impact treating Alzheimer’s disease.

“A lot of non-profits don’t want to collaborate with other non-profits because they look at them as competitors. I don’t look at it that way. Why not partner with an organization like BRF that has decades of experience identifying and funding the most ground-breaking brain research?” Kevin Jameson, Founder and President, Dementia Society of America.

Kevin Jameson founded the Dementia Society of America in 2013 after experiencing first-hand the challenges families face when a loved one has dementia. When his wife and partner of 20+ years, Ginny, began displaying symptoms of dementia, it took years of consulting with various physicians to get a diagnosis.

In the process, Jameson learned a lot about the condition and realized a need for more available information. “I really started to dig in and learn about dementia and thought nobody is really telling this story the way I think it needs to be told,” said Jameson, who now serves as the organization’s president.

A pioneering partnership between the Brain Research Foundation and the Dementia Society of America is assisting in accelerating research on brain health and dementia. The collaboration will leverage BRF’s nearly 70 years of experience in identifying and funding innovative, high-impact brain research and encouraging the careers of promising scientists.

The Dementia Society of America will provide additional funding for projects helping to expand BRF’s research grants. “This unique collaboration will allow BRF to fund even more ground-breaking brain research and advance both organizations’ missions,” said Terre A. Constantine, Ph.D., CEO and Executive Director of BRF. “Working with BRF allows us to continue focusing on what we do best—share easy-to-understand information about dementia—while also allowing us to invest in research on brain disease,” Jameson said. In addition, the Dementia Society of America will fund two BRF Seed Grants. The Dementia Society’s Board of Directors will choose projects from a selection of options identified by the BRF’s Scientific Review Committee.

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