“Let’s Put Our Heads Together” Fundraiser

The Young Leadership Board’s annual event is the “Let’s Put Our Heads Together” Fundraiser. The concept for the event came from three siblings and their family’s experience with brain injury. Lauren Shapiro Mandel, Joe Shapiro, and Jonathan Shapiro were significantly impacted when their mother suffered a traumatic brain injury when they were very young. The three siblings challenged themselves to create a community to help similarly affected families and young adults by providing fundraising outlets and educational support.

“With Brain Research Foundation’s funding approach and impressive track record, we know this initiative… can make a significant contribution to neuroscience,” stated Lauren Shapiro Mandel, co-chair of BRF’s Young Leadership Board.

Brain Research Foundation’s Young Leadership Board works to reach a new generation of passionate donors and fundraisers, while fighting to end the stigmas surrounding neurological diseases.

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