“Man’s Best Friend” Lecture: Dr. Kristen Jacobson

Being at the forefront of neuroscience research allows the Brain Research Foundation to host a series of lectures discussing the most innovative and breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience.

In the past, these lectures have included Dr. Kristen Jacobson’s study into the human-animal bond and how it positively influences human emotional and behavioral health.

At the University of Chicago, Kristen Jacobson, Ph.D. is at the forefront of research to understand why dogs have such positive impacts on our health and happiness. Dr. Jacobson studies human-animal interaction (HAI), which is helping us better understand the science behind the human bond to dogs and how it supports our neurobiological and psychological well-being. Through behavioral, genetic, and neurobiological studies, including functional MRI, Dr. Jacobson is learning about how down time with man’s best friend affects our stress hormones, what parts of the brain cause us to bond to our pooches, and even why people and their dogs behave similarly over time.

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