BRF Chosen by Daniele Laub To Receive Half the Proceeds of Fundraising Concert

Huntington’s disease (HD) runs in Daniele’s family and she recently tested positive for the gene.

On Saturday, January 30, hundreds of friends and family members filled Mayne Stage in Chicago for a private performance by the alternative rock band, Dishwalla, made famous by their 1996 hit, “Counting Blue Cars.”

It was a touching and emotional evening that brought together people passionate about finding treatments and eventual cures to this terrible disease. The event coincided perfectly with the distribution of one of our Scientific Innovations Awards to Dr. Jeffrey Macklis, who is using a Huntington’s disease animal model to better understand how the brain is wired normally vs. how it looks in the disease. We are honored that Daniele chose us to be the recipient of some of the proceeds from this successful event. All of the money we receive from the evening will go directly towards research.

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