From Our Young Leadership Board

A story from Myles Kaluzna, Treasurer, Brain Research Foundation Young Leadership Board

Like many people, I have had loved ones suffer from brain disorders. Through my Grandfather’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, I witnessed firsthand the impact that a neurological disease can have on the afflicted individual and their family. Watching a loved one struggle with a disorder for which you cannot provide sufficient treatments, or any hope of a readily available cure, is a demoralizing experience. These sentiments are what motivate me to do my part in helping to alleviate the hardships faced by individuals with neurological disorders and those who support them.

When the opportunity to become involved with the Brain Research Foundation through the Young Leadership Board (YLB) was presented, I leapt at the chance. On the YLB, I find myself surrounded by like-minded, motivated young professionals who recognize the importance of getting involved with an organization like BRF. Importantly, the BRF leaders listen to our ideas, support us, and recognize the tremendous benefits of receiving input from young professionals. 

BRF’s mission to advance neuroscience by funding breakthrough research is one that should resonate with everyone, especially young professionals. At our age, there is concern over the neurological health of aging parents and, as we begin starting families of our own, concern over our own health and that of our future children. 

In my opinion, the scariest thing about neurological disorders is that we never know who will be afflicted with a given disorder or what the future holds for us, our friends, and our loved ones. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our children’s children to push the understanding of the human brain forward in an effort to improve the world for future generations, just as we have reaped the rewards brought on by the efforts of the generations that preceded us. 

As the scientific community has successfully developed treatments and cures for a variety of conditions, I believe we will find treatments, and ultimately cures, for all of the neurological diseases for which BRF funds groundbreaking research. Nobody can be sure how many years or decades it may take to fully understand all of these neurological diseases. However, I take solace in knowing that my peers and I have done our part to join BRF in making a positive difference in the world by supporting early stage innovative neuroscience research to help treat and eventually cure diseases and conditions of the brain and nervous system in children and adults.

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