Doug and Pam Walter’s Story

A story from Doug and Pam Walter

Even if the work of the young researchers BRF supports comes too late to help our friends, we are confident that it will lead to better lives for many others in the future.

We believe that supporting talented young researchers at early and key phases of their careers is very important to the future of research into diseases and disorders of the nervous system. The new ideas and energy of these emerging researchers holds the promise of enhancing our understanding and ultimately treatment of currently intractable diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. We have close friends who are suffering the ravages of these diseases, and we have seen how important new approaches are. 

We also admire BRF’s professionalism and efficiency, especially its remarkably low operating expenses, which results in an extraordinarily high percentage of support going directly to support researchers.

Other Stories

The Vandermel Family’s Story
By supporting the BRF Julia, Justine, and Kelly are able to honor their father’s memory and also honor other family members and friends affected by neurological disorders, including Kelly’s mother.
Matt Rahn’s Story
True innovation doesn’t come from thinking linearly, innovation comes from very smart, passionate people thinking creatively. I tell my friends, ad nausea, that the BRF is going after innovative ideas.
The Anderson Family’s Story
The opportunity to shed light on more than one brain disorder played a large part in our choosing the BRF. Everybody knows somebody who can benefit from future discoveries.
Andrew Swigart
My Passion for the Foundation
I am grateful for the BRF for the opportunity to help support the advancement of research that will one day prevent other families from experiencing the trauma that affected mine.