2017 Discovery Dinner

Celebrating our 2017 Discovery Dinner, this video highlights the momentum and essential work of the Brain Research Foundation over the past six decades and into the future.

Momentum is building in the field of Neuroscience, innovative scientists, innovative technology, and transformative research.

BRF has fuelled Momentum by funding bold ideas and brave scientists.

The top universities around the country nominate their brightest researchers for BRF grants.

Dr. Daniel Peterson helps to identify transformative projects. BRF looks for transformative, which results in an enormous impact. To receive a seeded grant is prestigious as it is only awarded to the best researchers.

BRF takes its commitment seriously to the advancement of Neuroscience. Peter Bond, chairperson at the time and venture capitalist, knows an excellent investment when he sees one.

For every dollar contributed by BRF, an additional $ 22 is raised. This excellent return gets the researchers well on their way to developing and advancing neurological research.

CEO of BRF, Dr. Terre Constantine, oversees that the funds are appropriated to the best researchers in the country.

The scientists who undertake these projects are so passionate about finding answers. They think differently and ask unique questions to derive the results that they do.

Yamuna Krishnan (Ph.D.) is the type of risk taker BRF is excited to assist. They have appointed her to develop a technology to map a chemical called Nitric Oxide in the brain. This chemical is essential for its role in communication between cells. Too much causes regeneration, which results in inflammation or even death. Thus, the levels need to be precise. This needs to be measured and has never been done before. Krishnan thanks the BRF for making it possible to do so.

BRF recognized Dr. Krishnan’s innovative ideas and potential and awarded her a Scientific Innovations Award. BRF understands that research projects may start small but will grow as the results come to fruition.

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