Bill Fay Video

Watch the video of Bill Fay accepting the Founders Award in Chicago in October 2014.

In 2008, doctors had little to offer Margaret and Bill Fay when their infant daughter was diagnosed with a seizure disorder.

Bill reached out to scientists to help his daughter and soon saw the need for ongoing brain research and a foundation to support it.

He soon found people willing to assist in his plight. 

In their search, Margaret and Bill Fay identified that science needed to learn more about the brain. 

Before establishing the foundation, Bill sold candy at offices and Halloween events to raise money for his noble mission.

The things that researchers are striving for go back to Bill pioneering the start of the Foundation.

In this video, gratitude is expressed towards Bill for the origin of the foundation and the purpose behind it. Anyone who has suffered a brain injury or trauma will be as appreciative as Bill did the spadework to lay the foundation which has grown exponentially to fund researchers and scientists to learn about the mysterious organ, the brain. In understanding how the brain functions, scientists have been able to work on discovering treatments and cures and strive to continue to do so.

In the video, Bill expresses that the lifeblood of his existence is the establishment of the BRF and the excitement that he feels.

The BRF expresses the magnitude of its appreciation and pays tribute to Bill.

His response is humble as he speaks about the need for contributions to continue research. Every day, scientists are discovering so much more and, thus, the terrific advancement of science.

In his plight to establish the foundation, Bill has helped many people. He has assisted scientists and researchers in the trajectory of their careers, as well as a vast number of people who have been recipients of the research through seed grants.

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