BRF – Funding innovation today, for a better tomorrow.

This video highlights the important work of the Brain Research Foundation over the past six decades, and into the future.

Generous people support the BRF today because they want a better tomorrow for people affected by brain disorders. 

The Anderson family experienced a traumatic event a few years ago when their 4-year-old son Owen fell into a pool. He was left with brain damage. The Andersons are donors of the BRF as they want to be instrumental in the research of learning how the brain heals.

They understand that the brain is a complex organ, but they do not know how it heals and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

They felt frustrated sitting back, watching and waiting to see in slow motion what would happen. They decided to fund the study to expedite the process and enable them to get the research underway. They made an immediate impact by organizing a bike ride which raised $ 20 000 for the BRF. 

Over one hundred and fifty people donated to the cause, feeling the same way and wanting to support the Anderson family.

The Vandermel family also became donors to the BRF when they lost their husband and father to a brain aneurysm. They were comfortable supporting the BRF when they witnessed the rigorous measures in place that a project entails and how the funds are appropriated. They were impressed by the transparency and integrity of the BRF as well as the several types of brain research projects funded by them. The family expressed their admiration for the work done by the researchers as well as their unfailing dedication.

Matt Rahn’s mother developed early-onset Alzheimer’s. Having two sisters, he feared that they, too, may suffer from the condition and thus decided to fund research for the cause. In addition, he fought his struggle with brain cancer.

For these and other stories, click on the link to watch the YouTube video to learn more about the value of donating to the BRF.

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